The SPAM WAR email list of shame

Since the spammers use spambots to harvest any “mailto” links in websites…..I thought I’d feed them some of their own. I’ve just started this list, it WILL grow as I get more spam. These programs work via scripts……I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they find they are spamming themselves, each other………and the regulators.

The sharp eyes among you will notice that I’ve included the as a “mailto” also. Let their spambots harvest and spam away……the more they harvest, they more they dig their own graves. The spambots WILL come, they WILL harvest ALL email addresses they can read…..we might as well feed them with the email addresses which will piss them off.

Those who feel the urge to let the people behind these emails know what they think of spam are encouraged to do so……it’s not good to let the stress build up……..release it!!!!!

Anyone wishing to help feed the spambots should copy and paste the HTML code for their page……or at least remember to add both the “mailto” tag and the email address as text…..double hit.

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