I’m leaving WordPress.com

In the 6 weeks I’ve been here, it’s became more evident that WordPress.com is not right for me. It’s also became clear that I’ve shoved too many subjects into the same blog, and am losing focus and readers with it. It’s time I split my single blog into several, so each can stay focussed. I am in a baffled state over WordPress.com’s spam protection settings. I also want to include a little affiliate and AdSense code which is not allowed here. The reason I’ve been quiet here in recent days is that I was busy setting all that up, which it now is.

My new blog is http://detectiveagency.blogspot.com/ from there, my first post explains the reason for each blog, and the URL to them. I am copying some of my content here straight across, some will be slimmed down or rewritten, some will be scrapped. Until I have cleared out everything here, this blog will remain live.

Despite me deciding to move, I still think WordPress is a good blogging host, it’s easy to use. It is very limited however. The look I have on my new blogs is much closer to what I wanted to do here but couldn’t without buying the CSS editing privileges. With Google (Blogger or Blogspot) that is available to all, free….straight out of the box, along with many other feature…..including being allowed to advertise. It’s easy to use fromt he dashboard too, just a lot more control than WordPress dashboards. My CSS now aligns the text to “justify” automatically instead of the PITA that editing by hand here is.

This is my last post here, and I am not going to slam WordPress.com, I have met some nice people here, and for a gated community…..it’s a nice place to be….albeit rather limited. It was a good introduction to blogging for me. There’s no one reason, just a convergence of several all building to tipping point.


Blogging for the spiders

The other day I noticed a couple of incoming links to a blog I’d written in my stats. Being new to blogging, I clicked on them to see what the context was, and found mixed results. The first had both a “read more” and “digg this” links to my site…..which I accepted as fine. The other blog was something which inspired me to write this blog.

First, let me give you a URL. http://windowsvistavideos.blogspot.com/

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The winner is – The Rejected Ballot Paper Party

During the build up the mood balance seemed to be shifting to the SNP (Scottish National Party). Labour have held a stranglehold in Scotland since the early 60’s and while the SNP have gradually built support, it tends to fall back at the election. Over the last few days Labour started to pull back some of the gap, so it really is too close to call.

The star of the night has turned out to be the humble ballot paper. The election process was changed this time round, and the Scottish Parliament had to do a PR run to explain to people what to expect. Personally I didn’t even get my polling card this time, maybe because I’ve been critical of Labour, and they didn’t want to risk me voting against them…which is exactly what I’d have done. I at least got the satisfaction of watching my local Labour MP fall to the SNP in a shock result. I’m not sure I endorse the SNP, but they seem the best of a bad lot.

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Going commando on the internet

Contrary to popular belief; Microsoft is NOT a PC, nor is a PC Microsoft. For most of us have learned what we know from friends, family and acquaintances……all of whom have asked the same question which is based on an assumption. “What version of Windows are you using?

Given the dominance of Microsoft in the marketplace it’s an understandable assumption that everyone else does use Windows. The idea that anything else can exist does not even cross many users minds, so the things that are almost exclusive to Windows are seen as “PC” issues……not the accurate label of “Microsoft” issues.

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The participation ratio

Recently Dell asked their customers if they’d like to be given the option of Linux instead of Windows as the pre-installed operating system on their new PC and were overwhelmed by the numbers who said “yes“.

Some on that feedback forum complained that the ratio wasn’t accurate because the “Linux geeks brought all their friends in to make it appear to be a higher demand than it is, and that normal people still want Windows.

So what’s the reality? I’d say a bit of both…..let me explain.

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Why won’t they believe us?

Sometimes I just sit back and laugh, imagining the frustration of the PR department at the core of the New Labour spin machine. I can picture every one of them shouting the same phrase at the TV……”why won’t they believe us?

Next week the people of Scotland and Wales elect a government, the people of England elect local government, and the New Labour spin machine is hitting hard with the “independence will destroy Scotland” line…….and they are being ignored. I wonder why.

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Return of the mainframe?

The PC has evolved from being standalone machines which don’t talk to each other, through dumb terminals which get their resources and documents from a central mainframe, to a combination of both as we have now. Our PCs are now more connected on OUR terms than ever before…although this may be another phase, if we all follow the Google marketing plans.

Microsoft have set the interaction method we are all used to with our PCs. They made us expect to see the “start” button at the bottom left, the clock at the bottom right etc. They made us expect the Office suite as it is. They don’t innovate much, but rather buy designs from others, and brand them as Microsoft. This does not change the fact that they set the bar.

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