The participation ratio

Recently Dell asked their customers if they’d like to be given the option of Linux instead of Windows as the pre-installed operating system on their new PC and were overwhelmed by the numbers who said “yes“.

Some on that feedback forum complained that the ratio wasn’t accurate because the “Linux geeks brought all their friends in to make it appear to be a higher demand than it is, and that normal people still want Windows.

So what’s the reality? I’d say a bit of both…..let me explain.

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The purpose of education

Education seems to be getting more and more skewed as time passes. The focus is on passing exams so the student can hit the working world with a nice impressive looking piece of paper. Yet what’s missing is a whole lot of life skills. Why? Is the point of education not to prepare the young to gradually become valuable members of society; to provide some value to it?

Babies are born with no knowledge and an insatiable thirst to learn. From birth to adulthood and beyond should be that learning time. It is not just up to the schools to educate either, basic skills are picked up before pre-school by interaction with parents, siblings etc. Kids also learn from their mistakes too…….and from their friends. We try to protect our kids and stop them making their own mistakes, or minimize the effects of those mistakes by covering for them, or making excuses. Why? They need to learn, and will learn if we let them. Why is it that many parents suddenly decide when their kids go to school that the role of educator is suddenly on one source?

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The purpose of a blog

We all have different levels of interaction with our readers on our blogs. Some (like me) moderate all comments, some remove the comments box from a blog, some have private or password accessed blogs. The point here, is that we are all different, we all have different needs. The question I’m pondering is that if you only want comments which agree with your viewpoint….why bother asking? If you don’t want comments at all….why have a comments box?

This was prompted by a recent conversation I had with another blog owner which went under the radar of the public because of:

  1. The blog owner deciding not to approve my response (as is her right to do)
  2. Me deleting her responses because they’ve been posted on blogs of mine which are totally unrelated to the conversation.

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The SPAM WAR Manifesto

My blog has only been in existence about one week, and already it’s been spammed 12 times by one company. This company have tried to post to some of my blog entries which have NO connection to their business. They may use Microsoft Vista, but their product has nothing to do with my views on it. They may use Meebo in some blogs, but again it has nothing to do with instructions on how to set up Meebo.

Online Pharmacy | | | IP:

They are gracious enough to include the words “this is a promotional message if you feel offended by it please delete it.” Really? Well, this is a personal blog, and I DO feel offended by it, so please stop spamming it. Of course; whether you’re offended or not is irrelevant, they will still feel justified in doing a drive by and spamming their “promotional message” anywhere they like. The latest was on April 8th, 7:55 PM GMT

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(Old) New(s)

I wonder about the use of the tag “news” in blogs, even though I use it myself. By definition “news” must be “new”. After a few days or weeks….or for the stronger stories, months, it becomes “old“. It moves from “present” to “past”; “current affairs” to “history”.

When we blog about a story currently doing the rounds on the news media and apply the tag “news” to it it IS news. Is it still “news” six months from now? If it is, then the tag “news” still applies; if not, how many of us go back through our posts to remove the “news” tag?

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Adam and Eve

Incest is wrong. Many religious doctrines agree on this basic belief and have their own ways of demonstrating it and punishing it. Even scientists agree on this basic belief because it weakens the gene pool. We need a healthy blending of bloodlines to keep the human race strong and relatively disease free.

Therefor it’s a religious, moral and scientific necessity to breed with those who we do NOT share a blood link.

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The result of exams

The percentage of A grades students have received has again risen, for the umpteenth year in a row; yet employers and colleges have long been complaining that there are too many A grade students who can’t read, write or count and that they can’t distinguish the top students from the rest. Why is this? and who is to blame?

Are the exams easier as is often cited? I don’t think so. I do however think that the course work is geared towards passing the exam, with all the extra but essential information to truly understanding the subject left out. Tony Blair has managed to increase the pass rate, which shows (if you want to be gullible about it) that kids today are smarter and justify the results. Getting more students passing the exams means schools getting a higher rating; which means that they have a little more autonomy in choosing to heat the building or fix the windows with the little money they get.

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