I’m leaving WordPress.com

In the 6 weeks I’ve been here, it’s became more evident that WordPress.com is not right for me. It’s also became clear that I’ve shoved too many subjects into the same blog, and am losing focus and readers with it. It’s time I split my single blog into several, so each can stay focussed. I am in a baffled state over WordPress.com’s spam protection settings. I also want to include a little affiliate and AdSense code which is not allowed here. The reason I’ve been quiet here in recent days is that I was busy setting all that up, which it now is.

My new blog is http://detectiveagency.blogspot.com/ from there, my first post explains the reason for each blog, and the URL to them. I am copying some of my content here straight across, some will be slimmed down or rewritten, some will be scrapped. Until I have cleared out everything here, this blog will remain live.

Despite me deciding to move, I still think WordPress is a good blogging host, it’s easy to use. It is very limited however. The look I have on my new blogs is much closer to what I wanted to do here but couldn’t without buying the CSS editing privileges. With Google (Blogger or Blogspot) that is available to all, free….straight out of the box, along with many other feature…..including being allowed to advertise. It’s easy to use fromt he dashboard too, just a lot more control than WordPress dashboards. My CSS now aligns the text to “justify” automatically instead of the PITA that editing by hand here is.

This is my last post here, and I am not going to slam WordPress.com, I have met some nice people here, and for a gated community…..it’s a nice place to be….albeit rather limited. It was a good introduction to blogging for me. There’s no one reason, just a convergence of several all building to tipping point.


Blogging for the spiders

The other day I noticed a couple of incoming links to a blog I’d written in my stats. Being new to blogging, I clicked on them to see what the context was, and found mixed results. The first had both a “read more” and “digg this” links to my site…..which I accepted as fine. The other blog was something which inspired me to write this blog.

First, let me give you a URL. http://windowsvistavideos.blogspot.com/

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Going native

I’ve been used to the Windows way of PC life for too long. This means that I’m used to the brand and program names I use for each service. I don’t want to use WINE with Windows ports unless I have to, which means I’m looking to go native in Linux……this means relearning program names.

I have Mandriva Linux 2007 with the KDE desktop environment, and am looking to set up various programs. I want them to be as light in resources as possible, and they have to be GUI. I am new to active Linux, as I learn more….I will shift to command line stuff…..but not yet.

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The purpose of a blog

We all have different levels of interaction with our readers on our blogs. Some (like me) moderate all comments, some remove the comments box from a blog, some have private or password accessed blogs. The point here, is that we are all different, we all have different needs. The question I’m pondering is that if you only want comments which agree with your viewpoint….why bother asking? If you don’t want comments at all….why have a comments box?

This was prompted by a recent conversation I had with another blog owner which went under the radar of the public because of:

  1. The blog owner deciding not to approve my response (as is her right to do)
  2. Me deleting her responses because they’ve been posted on blogs of mine which are totally unrelated to the conversation.

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Running out of names

A question in the WordPress forums about being unable to retrieve a previously deleted blog got me thinking. WordPress have been going for a few years now, in that time they’ve had several million blogs registered, with a certain percentage over that time either being deleted or abandoned. I don’t know the ratio of current active blogs compared to the overall figure.

As most know, and some have found out too late, a deleted name can not be resurrected. It is gone for good. It will not be available after any length of time for someone else to use. That URL is dead. This is the situation after a few years in business. What will the case be in 20 or 30 years time?

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Misleading webhosts

My blog has been quiet for a few days now, the reason being that I have been looking into switching to paid hosting. I’ve also been trying to compare different blogging software, since some hosts see a huge market in attracting bloggers and want to make it as easy as possible for them to set up and provide a “one-click-setup” type solution for WordPress, B2Evolution etc. They also provide FTP access for you to do it manually, which is the route I’ll most likely take personally.

Since this involves both the purchase of a domain name and hosting, or the option to combine them with one company…..there are a plethora of options out there, with pro’s and con’s all over the place. After trying to get my head round some of them, an observation hit me and I wonder if anyone else has noticed the same.

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Some of the 15 released UK soldiers have been condemned for selling their stories to the media for large sums of money. Some apparently chose not to. Many people have appeared on the media condemning them, their employers, the government etc for allowing them to give their stories. I notice two guilty parties missing from the targeting sights.

  1. The public who are demanding to know what happened (in their own words…if you can believe it’s not been edited to portray a set position)

  2. The media who work on a “profit seeking” basis, like any other business (excluding the BBC who live by their own rules). They want the stories because people will buy the newspapers or watch the show with the stories on them. This will make them more money. The fact that it’s “in the public interest” is a side effect.

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