About Dirk Gently

I am a writer and web designer, I am also an avid news / current affairs junkie. Due to this I have various responses to news stories which I have decided to blog about.

I love learning new things or enhancing my knowledge of a subject from different angles; it allows for a more considered opinion. In a world full of sheep, the shepherd is king.

I am also an (technically it’s “a” not “an” but in speech “an” sounds right) MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and have taught myself PC skills from various different disciplines. In response to being asked to explain how to do some things by my friends I’ve decided to create “how to” guides for anyone to read.

Those who know me will tell you that I do not bullshit if I do not know, I will tell you that I do not know, or that what I suggest is an educated guess. I do not ask that you take my word for this, merely to take your time and judge for yourself.

I’ve included my finished writing work on my home site. A poem called “Life’s Journey” and a short story set within the Star Wars Expanded Universe called “Jump“.

ICQ – Available for business use

Anyone wishing to PM with me via ICQ should PM me through Meebo (the “PM Me” widget on the right sidebar) first to request being added to my buddy list. I have set it to “buddy list only“.



2 Responses to “About Dirk Gently”

  1. pebcac Says:

    Well, before you leave, drop me a line at pebcac (at) mac.com. I’ve liked reading your blogs here and have joost the right departing gift as thanks.

    [Email edited by Dirk Gently to prevent being harvested by spambots]

  2. Dirk Gently Says:

    Your email bounces.

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