I’m leaving WordPress.com

In the 6 weeks I’ve been here, it’s became more evident that WordPress.com is not right for me. It’s also became clear that I’ve shoved too many subjects into the same blog, and am losing focus and readers with it. It’s time I split my single blog into several, so each can stay focussed. I am in a baffled state over WordPress.com’s spam protection settings. I also want to include a little affiliate and AdSense code which is not allowed here. The reason I’ve been quiet here in recent days is that I was busy setting all that up, which it now is.

My new blog is http://detectiveagency.blogspot.com/ from there, my first post explains the reason for each blog, and the URL to them. I am copying some of my content here straight across, some will be slimmed down or rewritten, some will be scrapped. Until I have cleared out everything here, this blog will remain live.

Despite me deciding to move, I still think WordPress is a good blogging host, it’s easy to use. It is very limited however. The look I have on my new blogs is much closer to what I wanted to do here but couldn’t without buying the CSS editing privileges. With Google (Blogger or Blogspot) that is available to all, free….straight out of the box, along with many other feature…..including being allowed to advertise. It’s easy to use fromt he dashboard too, just a lot more control than WordPress dashboards. My CSS now aligns the text to “justify” automatically instead of the PITA that editing by hand here is.

This is my last post here, and I am not going to slam WordPress.com, I have met some nice people here, and for a gated community…..it’s a nice place to be….albeit rather limited. It was a good introduction to blogging for me. There’s no one reason, just a convergence of several all building to tipping point.


16 Responses to “I’m leaving WordPress.com”

  1. tt Says:

    I’m sad to hear you are leaving but glad that you have made the decision and that you are at peace with it. The worst of all states to be in is to be unhappy and without a plan to remedy that state. I wish you all the best in your new blogging endeavor.

  2. Dirk Gently Says:

    Yeah, thanks. It did seem to grind to a halt a bit with too many subjects etc. Still got a lot to sort out, but I’ll get there.

  3. lightcontrast Says:

    I’m sad about it too. I agree that WordPress is a nice place to blog at. I also have a blog at blogspot, I may go back to use it sometime. I won’t shut down my wordpress blog though, I think I’ll blog here still.

    I’ll check out your new blog.

  4. Dirk Gently Says:

    I’ve found WordPress.com like any gated community is a small place. My first ISP was AOL, which kinda ties you in to other AOL members, it’s the same thing here…….is your searching of blogs the wordpress.com page? I thought so.

    There are millions of blogs online, only a fraction with WordPress.com. Of course you can look to the wider world, but if your easy community interface works and gives some variety, you never think to look outside……which narrows down the blogs you’re likely to see.

  5. lightcontrast Says:

    I did link to technorati, but I haven’t been there for months. I’ve noticed a lot of blogs in google whenever I search for information. I did more searching for the first few months I joined, but then I stopped searching. I’m going to contact wordpress and see what they’re doing about the problem, before deciding to make a switch.

  6. Dirk Gently Says:

    I also find that once you find maybe 15 or 20 others along the same themes as you and have them tagged, comments to those blogs are the main avenue to finding others, rather than searching again.

    The point of the gated community is this, when I first got online I’d heard of PM’s, caht rooms etc….and arrived via AOL. This meant that I had no idea there was any other providers or how to use them other than AOL. This meant that I’d look at the AOL chat room search and find an AOL room, chatting to other AOL members. My PM conversations were with the built in AOL PM (IM) client with other AOL members. The AOL community does not look outside and tell you that MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc exist….they just assume AOL.

    On the initial searching thing, I’m not sure wordpress.com is a great start point, it only has wordpress blogs. Those who blog with other platforms don’t get listed no matter how popular they are. A search engine like Google (love em or hate em, they are the biggest) would find blogs on ALL platforms, not just wordpress, and rank them by popularity. By ruling out some we’re judging other’s choice of platform as inferior unless we run across it by accident.

  7. Trent Says:

    Good luck on your new blog Dirk! You plan on leaving your blog here with a post to your new blog link?

  8. Dirk Gently Says:

    I don’t know yet, all I seem to be doing here is chipping in on the forum trying to help improve WordPress.com and feeling more and more like it’s not interested in improving…….so probably not, I’ll probably delete this blog after a while. I am rather busy with too many things right now to decide.

    I sometimes wonder why people stay here. I guess some like it, but for most I reckon it’s just habit…….why look at new shoes when you have an old worn pair?

    People assume they have to make choices for a free blog, and to miss out on some things. Look at my new blog. I have CSS editing as standard, I can advertise in any way I want, the dashboard is designed differently but is just as easy to use……and it’s free. As a result I have a blog which is MUCH closer in look and feel than I could ever get here AND I can generate income from it.

  9. Gloria Hopkins Says:

    I’m thinking about leaving WordPress too. I’m very broke but have a ton of things to sell. I don’t think WordPress is the best solution for me though I love the support, the ‘community,’ the spam filter and THE STATS!

    But I HATE Blogspot – it seems I always have to refresh the stupid page when I want to make a post. If I don’t refresh, it kicks the message back – maddening.

    I don’t think there is a perfect blogging software yet. But for commercial purposes, I think blogspot is the best.

    Good luck to you – I visited your new site and wish you all the best!


  10. Dirk Gently Says:

    I haven’t had a problem like that at all, maybe it’s because I use Firefox. You can post from a Firefox extension called ScribeFire too, which posts to the right place no matter what page you are on…..avoiding any refreshing issues (I’d guess).

  11. Which Blog Service is the best? Wordpress vs Blogger vs LiveJournal « Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives Says:

    […] I guess in a wordpress blog, you might probably expect a pro-Wordpress review. However, I just read a post of someone leaving wordpress and moving to blogspot. The main reasons seem to be the ability to edit CSS (layout). The post is found here: https://dirkgently.wordpress.com/2007/05/10/im-leaving-wordpresscom/ […]

  12. lightcontrast Says:

    Blogspot seems all right. I have a friend who has a blog at typepad.com. You only have to pay $4.95 a month, doesn’t sound too bad. There’s also a site called moveabletype.com. I haven’t tried either of them, but he says they’re good.

  13. Collin Says:

    Good luck for your new blog. It’s a shame that you’re leaving WordPress altogether. Perhaps in the future you would consider getting hosting and running the application on your own domain. You can do whater you need to then!

    lightcontrast – paying $4.95 a month for typepad? You might as well self host!

  14. Dirk Gently Says:

    Thanks, actually I’m giving serious thought to using the wordpress-mu installation and setting up a free blogging service the way it should be, with all the pro’s seen here, and none of the flaws.

    I have made my last contribution to the forums. I don’t leave with malice, only disappointment of the character of many volunteers. I see good people with a lot of admirable traits too close to the problem to see the problem…..and don’t like any newcomers pointing it out to them.

    As I’ve stated in the forums, I’ve tried to help streamline this site for the benefit of all….and gotten nowhere. I’ve pointed out where hypocrisy and judgmental actions have taken over, and gotten nowhere.

    I am clearly wasting my time and theirs, it’s time to move on and use those skills elsewhere.

  15. Trent Says:

    I wouldn’t sweat it Dirk! Tyranny of the masses is a very common problem! Your message, through the medium of the forum, wasn’t really a place that action would be taken as most staff didn’t (most likely) read your post at all. You should pass some of your ideas onto the staff through your admin before leaving! An “exit interview” so to speak 😉


  16. Dirk Gently Says:

    A short while ago I would have done that as a parting gesture. I’ve given up trying to help now. If someone wants to pass my suggestions on, feel free…they are in the wordpress public domain.

    The more I think about doing my own version with an altered wordpress-mu the more ideas are coming to me…..in short, it’s much more viable than I initially thought, with so many of the tweaks being pretty obvious.

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