Blogging for the spiders

The other day I noticed a couple of incoming links to a blog I’d written in my stats. Being new to blogging, I clicked on them to see what the context was, and found mixed results. The first had both a “read more” and “digg this” links to my site…..which I accepted as fine. The other blog was something which inspired me to write this blog.

First, let me give you a URL.

What I found there at the outgoing end of my incoming link was a blog titled “Never a better time to switch to Linux”. Identical to mine. The text inside the blog was copied in full from my description of my blog. There was nothing suggesting it was someone else’s work…….this blogger was passing this off as their own work.

I’ve had a look through this blog, and noticed he / she manages to post around 30 new blogs per day. What an impressive output huh? Given that they consist almost exclusively of other peoples work I’d could do 40 a day. They seem to fit into two categories…let’s guess at maybe a 50 / 50 split.

  1. Other peoples blogs, with the same title, using the descriptions as text. Not even the decency to write their own reference to it.

  2. A YouTube video with a short sentence about it. I doubt he / she creates and uploads the videos he / she uses too.

This means that a link farm disguised as a blog using only other peoples work is how this blogger operates. I had to report this blog for copyright infringement to get my content removed from it, I suggest you check your own stats for links to this URL, and decide for yourself if you want your readers diverted to this blogger (I use that word in it’s most technical sense, as technically it is a blog).

So why is he / she wasting his / her time on a blog like this? My guess is that they want to artificially grow a blog by lots of updates, lots of links……for the search engine spiders. Like spammers, all they want is as many links as possible.

In this case it’s disguised as blog entries supposedly bringing a roundup of blog reports into one place for their readers. Every blog entry I clicked in this blog had NO COMMENTS……well, with one exception…..mine (excluding the first deleted comment, explaining who I was and that I wanted my content removed.)


4 Responses to “Blogging for the spiders”

  1. ubuntutribe Says:

    You are invited to join the Ubuntu Tribe at Thanks and nice to meet you!

  2. K.Mandla Says:

    I’ve seen quite a lot of those — blog “link farms” that swipe the first paragraph of an entry, link offsite for the rest, and have ads up all over the page with a digg counter box in the corner. It was one of the reasons I put a CC license on my stuff — not like it would stop anyone from stealing it, but it looks official enough.

    There was a stink a few months ago about an aggregator of some sort (I think it was hosted in Venezuela … ?) that was just grabbing the content of the Ubuntu Planet and reposting it, in order to get search engine hits and ad clicks. Same nonsense, I guess. 😦

  3. yoho Says:

    This is just what google news is doing… It’s not completely illegal as it’s just considered as “quoting” part of a blog and referring back to the original article. Everyone is allowed to do so : haven’t you ever quoted someone for your work at school ?

    Of course, you can explicitly say “I don’t want to be quoted” (or similar) but if you don’t, you can’t blame anyone for doing so.

  4. Dirk Gently Says:

    I see a difference in quoting, and this is not it. If I wanted to quote you on something you said, I’d build my own intro around it… explain the quote….then quote you. This person does NONE of their own work. They seem to spend all day trawling for stuff to steal to fluff up their hit count.

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