Why won’t they believe us?

Sometimes I just sit back and laugh, imagining the frustration of the PR department at the core of the New Labour spin machine. I can picture every one of them shouting the same phrase at the TV……”why won’t they believe us?

Next week the people of Scotland and Wales elect a government, the people of England elect local government, and the New Labour spin machine is hitting hard with the “independence will destroy Scotland” line…….and they are being ignored. I wonder why.

Some people bend the truth to suit them, and claim when caught out that they “wouldn’t lie over the important stuff”. Really? OK, let’s look at this…..Scotland being independent or not IS important. So we should believe them? If we believe their claim that they always play it straight on the important stuff, then the following are not considered “important” issues.

  1. The continually morphing build up excuses for illegally invading Iraq and breaking international law in the process.

  2. Tuition fees for students.

  3. PFI (Public Finance Initiative) funded public services leaving a time bomb in the national accounts waiting to explode.

  4. The stripping of the pension system.

ALL of these and many more have been sold to us, and have proven to be a LOT different that the PR spin claimed. So either these issues are considered “not important” which I’d doubt the electorate would agree with…….or they ARE important issues and the bullshit has been spouted too many times and the people just don’t buy it any more. So…..will independence destroy Scotland? I don’t know, but I don’t buy anything the New Labour spin machine try to tell us.

The people have turned on the New Labour agenda because of a long legacy of smarmy deceit headed by Tony Blair. The party know this, yet have not bitten the bullet to remove him…..and they WILL pay the price for that at the election. If he’d been removed by the party, the electorate would likely not have been quite so hostile, and some seats could have been saved. Now the canvassers are trying to avoid the bed they made……and it won’t work, no matter the tactics they use.


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