Alternate functions of an R2 unit

R2D2The trusty R2 unit is a companion and assistant to snub fighter pilots, who’s existence can turn from being part of a squadron, to being stranded in short order. Since there is little storage space in the snub fighters themselves, it stands to reason that an R2 unit has to be more than just an astromech, but a utility cabinet, and suitcase too.

After all, if you’re stranded in space or on some isolated backwater planet you need resources at hand……so I started a list. Feel free to add your own suggestions.

  1. A coffee maker, with a selection of flavors.

  2. A small chilled alcoholic drinks cabinet for those moments when you just need to chill, and rethink your predicament.

  3. A sanitized toiletry compartment with toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving foam and razor, sanitary towels, soap, shampoo etc.

  4. I believe Luke took advantage of the vibrator holder to hide his lightsaber in ROTJ. For those long journeys in hyperspace, what could be better than releasing stress than a vibrator?

  5. A jump start cable, to help kick your repaired fighter back into life.

  6. An FM radio with ultra long range, so that you can at least have some tunes while you feel sorry for yourself. That can have it’s advantages if you tune in to a DIY station and are lucky enough to catch a show about “snub fighter repair”

  7. An MP3 player with a selection of your favorite tunes on it.

  8. A tourists translator program to give at least some useful phrases in every language known to the Republic. It avoids any unwanted misunderstanding with the locals.

  9. A small scale glitter globe function, to show the natives that you are civilized and know how to party……which may distinguish you from food in their minds……or at the very least; provide a distracting light show while you leg it.

  10. An extendable controller attached to a little screen allowing you and your R2 unit to pass the time as opponents with a selection of simple video games while awaiting rescue.


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