The purpose of a blog

We all have different levels of interaction with our readers on our blogs. Some (like me) moderate all comments, some remove the comments box from a blog, some have private or password accessed blogs. The point here, is that we are all different, we all have different needs. The question I’m pondering is that if you only want comments which agree with your viewpoint….why bother asking? If you don’t want comments at all….why have a comments box?

This was prompted by a recent conversation I had with another blog owner which went under the radar of the public because of:

  1. The blog owner deciding not to approve my response (as is her right to do)
  2. Me deleting her responses because they’ve been posted on blogs of mine which are totally unrelated to the conversation.

I apologize for the length of this blog, it does contain my three responses IN FULL, and the blog owners three replies back to me IN FULL. I have edited NONE of the content. BOTH sides of the conversation are “as they were”….warts and all. I refuse to edit myself after the fact.

I’ve thought about putting my spin on this first, then asking for feedback…..but the conversation speaks for itself… I’ll post the conversation with no set up. First off…..I’d ask you to read either of these two blogs…from what I can see they are identical with two titles. My response was on 1…for all the difference it makes. The understanding that there are two identical blogs is the reason for my opening remarks to her. I’ve added my own slant AFTER the conversation…..I’d ask you to read for yourselves and judge them without any angle from me.

[Just to be 100% accurate and honest, I did edit a typo I noticed after it was posted from “it nothing else” to “if nothing else”]


# Dirk Gently Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.April 16th, 2007 at 11:25 pm

Hmm, both of them? I am scanning both articles to see the differences. Some of this seems unsurprising…..but most of it screams “evangelical lobby group” to me. At some points it gave me a good laugh, at others I just sighed at the attempt to influence those who know no better.

The response as posted to my “running out of names” blog….and deleted during moderation for being irrelevant to the blog it was posted on.

Re: Hmm, both of them? I am scanning both articles to see the differences. Some of this seems unsurprising…..but most of it screams “evangelical lobby group” to me. At some points it gave me a good laugh, at others I just sighed at the attempt to influence those who know no better.

Ya know, if I were part of an “evangelical lobby group”, I sure wouldn’t be wasting my time on the good, old fashioned, nothing wrong here, phone sex industry, would I? Nope, in fact, I think I’d rather spend my time going after an industry whose corruption is more well known to everyone.

I had something to say, and you, for some reason, seem to think I’ve spun a tall tale. Guess what? I’m right, and you are amusingly wrong. Don’t believe me, huh? The, you’re probably one of the deviants who frequent phone sex lines.

Seriously, why defend an industry when you don’t know what I’m talking about?

Thanks for the laugh. I nearly went to blockbuster to rent “Man of the Year”; however, your unfounded and uninformed comment far surpassed any comedy at a DVD rental store.

Sheesh, from your blog, I could have thought you were almost intelligent, but it appears as though you are one of the unfortunate who has bought all the lies the phone sex industry sells. Poor you. Maybe you’ll think twice next time when you’re stroking good and hard for an obese high school drop-out on the other end of the phone.

What’s even more insulting is that you would think I have anything to do with an evangelical group. Hehehehe, what’s the matter, can’t an atheist liberal side with the righties once in a while, especially since I have direct experience with what they’re fighting?

Go and put your head back in the sand now, little man.

Since I deleted it, I decided to let her know why I deleted it……my next response (again on 1)

# Dirk Gently Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.April 17th, 2007 at 3:55 am

The reason I deleted your response, is that it has no connection to the post you added it to. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As far as the girls using fake pics, I always thought that was the case…and no I don’t use them. I do however sense a badly written piece of propaganda by a group with anti-sex industry views.

Feel free to allow this post and my previous one which you already responded to at an unrelated article on my blog….and your rebuttle here, if nothing else, it’ll add to your number of comments, making your site rise a little in the stats.

I welcome people who both agree and disagree with me, but not posted on a completely unrelated blog.

The response as posted to my “misleading webhosts” blog….and deleted during moderation for being irrelevant to the blog it was posted on.

I will not allow your unsolicited comments on my blog. Badly written? Sorry, guy; you’re talking to a trained journalist and an anthropology major, so forgive me if I find your comment laughable.

Maybe you feel a little inferior, since you seem to place so much importance on “wit”, and you’re a little disappointed that someone working in the phone sex industry has some intelligence. So, my suggestion is: Make yourself familiar with the theories of Sigmund Freud. At this rate, you might find pieces of yourself detailed at great lengths. I tell you, it’s been a struggle making my way through life and school with a genius IQ being a woman and never taken seriously by the men who never wanted more from me than a date.

On the other hand, all you want to do is make yourself feel superior by insulting my wit and writing.I find you very highly offensive. So what if I am anti-sex industry? I’ve earned that right, believe me. You have not waded through the crap that exists in the industry the way I have. Furthermore, I do not welcome debate related to my experience, nor do I welcome your badly formed analysis of something you know nothing about.

I’m terribly sorry we got off on the wrong foot, and that you have so much faith in your “wit”. As a matter of fact, my blog was started as a way to let the people in the industry who have stalked and harassed me know that they will not get away with it without paying a price, and if that means loss of business, then so be it. Perhaps a little vindictive, but so far, my mission has been accomplished, as the phone sex fakes have halted blogging on WordPress for the time being. Everything I stated in my blog is the truth, and the whole phone sex industry knows it.In case I lost you after the fake pictures portion of my blog, perhaps you’d like to read more of what was said. There is much more than just fake pictures being exposed, but thank you very much for proving that your analytical skills are lacking.

Propaganda? Is that your new buzz word? Let me guess: You’re on a journey of self discovery, and while doing so, have developed an intense interest in the world around you. So, because you have recently been made aware of the world around you, you like to use big and intimidating words and phrases, like “propaganda” and “Evangelical”. Gosh darn it, keep up the good work. I just hope you’re not too disappointed when you wake up from your dream and realize that you’re not saying anything that hasn’t been done to death already.

If you’d like to debate anything with me, you’re more than welcome to ask about my debate forum. If you can manage not to leave such a bitter taste in my mouth, I might send you the URL.

I appreciate your offer to help send more traffic, but the people who need to see my blog have already found it. That is the only traffic I am interested in. You just don’t have the right to comment on my experience. Your negativity is most unappreciated.

Have a splendid day, and please do not send anymore unsolicited comments. This industry has bashed me around enough.

By the way, I host with Servage for all of my websites. I highly recomend them. I’ve hosted with others in the past, but Servage has proven to be the best, by far.

Of course the last throwaway statement “could” fit with a vague “webhosts” subject……but judge for yourself. It looks like more of a recommendation to me, which was not the point of that blog. Anyhoo my final response to her (again posted on 1)

You have every right to be anti-sex-industry…….but if you expect me to believe you’re a journalist, you gotta be kidding. I’d buy that Dubya was invited to join Mesna first. You’re not interested in debate……you want only your own opinion. You could allow my comments, then rebuttle them…instead, you just ignore them. Second you respond (as is your right) on a completely UNRELATED blog on MY SITE. ARE YOU STUPID??

What does this conversation have to do with either “running out of names” or “misleading webhosts”? I can’t figure it out. Any half intelligent insect could see it was a conversation about YOUR BLOG…..not mine. So yeah, Miss Journalist, I’ll buy that……when did Duabya get his Mesna invite? I musta missed that one.

Feel free to act according to form, and respond on another blog of mine which is unrelated, which will be deleted. You may as well delete the queue of unallowed comments. You clearly want nothing to let slip you’re “on a mission”. I guess I hit the jackpot huh? Thanks though…’ve given me an idea for a blog……feel free to expose yourself there, if you want to take the chance.

I could have edited the “are you stupid??” remark after the fact, but I will not. The point here is being open and honest….even if some of it reflects badly on me. Well…the response to this was not posted on an irrelevant blog……wow. It was emailed to me.

I will report you to wordpress for abuse and harassment. You were not invited to comment on my blog. You took it upon yourself to spam me with negativity.

Wow, the insults keep flying, do they? The fact that you question my journalism training is just more proof that you are an inferior loser – who can’t stand to be outdone by a girl…or anyone, for that matter.

Go and take your amateur inspector gadget investigative work elsewhere. You bore me. What is it that you think you can expose? Hehehe, you’ve got nothing.

I must say, I wonder why it is that you’re so hell-bent on bothering me and obsessing over my phone sex blog? You really must think I’m an idiot to not catch onto the fact that you’re a closet phone sex enthusiast.

One more word out of you, and I will post your blog on my existing, highly SE visible and well trafficked phone sex websites. I think I’ll call you “my most loyal client”.

Would you like me to expose you in such a way, deviant?

I’m so very glad you enjoyed my comments in your unrelated blog. What’s the reason you don’t want them there, again? What’s that — because it doesn’t belong? Yep, kind of like I did not invite comments on mine.

It’s my prerogative as to whether or not I want to allow a debate to take place. You have no right to assume a debate should be welcomed, especially since there is nothing to debate regarding this issue.

I’m telling you the sky is blue. Unless you know for a fact that it is not, then you have absolutely no grounds to stand on.

By the way, you suck as a writer. I am sorry to inform you of that — as well as the fact that you’re trying too hard to seem like something you’re not.

Go ahead and doubt my journalism training, but I hope you’ll at least acknowledge that my psychology training helped me to hit a real sore spot with you, and BAM, did you ever explode.

So, how long have you wanted to be a writer, and for how long have you been under the impression that you’re better than others? I bet it just eats you up in your loser, inferior chair when you see someone on a blogging site produce something of quality. I know your type. You can’t get ahead in life, so you use the internet as a means to harass and belittle people. It provides you with inner strength, so that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can pretend that you’re actually worth something.

Awww, I’m so sorry to have given you an ugly reality check.

Now, if you don’t want this to continue, stop sending me harassing, name-calling comments. “Stupid” will not be tolerated, especially not from someone whose aggression is to attack those they presume to be weak.

I guess I surprised you, didn’t I?

Now, Go away, and stop forcing your will to debate MY blog on me!

You have brought an element of scum into my early morning, and I don’t want it in my life!

Good bye. Please DO NOT write again.

I fully intend to honour the “do not write again” but…..I am happy to have debate on my blog. I am also more than willing to allow her responses to this blog IN FULL. I will not be emailing her (unless her settings are like mine and she is emailed with every response to a comment she made on other’s sites… which case I have no control over it). I have left her email details off of her end of the conversation out of respect.

I DO reserve the right to comment on my own blog……as you say, your (and my) blog is your (and mine respectively) property. I will not be commenting on her blog, as she has asked me not to. I will even resist the temptation to let her know about this blog (since contacting her would break my agreement to “not speak to her again”) for her right to reply….she can find it by herself, and no doubt my URL has made an impact on her, she will spot it on her own.

Which brings me back to the subject in hand…..what is the purpose of a blog? If you want people to comment, expect that some won’t agree with you. If you only want people who agree with you to comment…..say so. If you don’t want to debate a subject….remove the “comments” box from the blog entry so nobody can comment.

If you do only want to hear from people who agree with you, expect a slow growing blog….with many you could possibly turn around giving up because you’re a giving the message that you’re a closed mind with only your own interests in mind. It’s worth pointing out that blogs are part of something called “web 2.0”.

Web 2.0 is all about “people to people” interaction… a business model it’s “many to many”. It’s an evolution from the older media of “one to many” which authority figures have used until now to talk “to” us……and giving us no right to reply, or have or own voices.

By deciding that you don’t want feedback……your blog will exist in a pre web 2.0 state. Don’t be surprised if it flounders because of it.

In this case, I stand by my assertion that it is an anti-sex-trade lobby group pretending to be an ex-sex worker giving us the “inside scoop” about how the entire industry fits the bill she has described. Why did my suspicions kick in here? It’s overdone. It seems (in my opinion) to be a tale of joining the dots, with plenty of melodrama making up the lines. It’s vintage lobbying. The first response I got back confirmed it in my mind. People who want you to buy into something want to control their image and message…they don’t want dissent, nor anyone questioning them. They want people all agreeing.

The purpose of a lobby group is to gather support for a particular viewpoint (whether you agree with that viewpoint or not is not the issue) to change the law to suit their aims. They use a wide variety of techniques to convince people….which can be effective, if sometimes underhanded.

They demonize their “enemy” by trying to blame all “ills” on them. They pretend to be people “converted, and now working against their previous life”…which is a classic Biblical attraction in itself but I won’t go there for now. They work through all media under various aliases, to try and fool any observers that there is a large ground swelling of support for their views. They work from a coordinated plan of phrases, and work their content around them, to “get the message out”…..after all, the more you hear a line, the more you believe it if you’re not alert to the tactic.

Of course there are a lot of crooks in the sex industry….like any business. Whatever you think of the sex industry is a side issue here……the issue is the purpose of the blog. The reason I’ve left my slant till the end, is to ask my readers to read it and arrive at it fresh… make up their own minds, and not be influenced by my own take.

Like I said, I’d welcome feedback from Miss Journalist……or anyone else for that matter……it’s why I have a “comments” box below. Since you don’t want to have a public debate on your own blog…..feel free to have it here. FYI. Please keep this conversation to THIS comments box…’s kinda the point.


25 Responses to “The purpose of a blog”

  1. Dirk Gently Says:

    Added via email from a different email….at a glance it appears to be a double sending.

    [I’ve read through and it is a double send so I deleted the other one and added the other email to this one – NOTE I kept it disguised from the spambots….also out of respect]

    [In hindsight, I’ve removed both email addresses]

    You must be a glutton for punishment. I cannot believe the lengths you will go to in order to have a debate. I told you that my blog has already been seen by the people it was intended for, and here you are, once again, accusing me of being a fake.

    Why on earth would someone lie about being involved in the phone sex industry? You are demented to make such an issue over this. Again, you have no idea of what you’re talking about.

    Furthermore, I want this entry removed from your blog, or I will take legal action against you. You do not have the right to force your will to debate on me.

    Unfortunately, the lengths you have gone to have elicited these responses from me, which I’m sure makes you very happy in your king-of-debate-throne.

    You are forceful and intrusive, and I want this harassment to stop. You are uninformed, and your analytical skill are beyond amusing.

    Remove all references and inferences to me, or you will be dealing with my lawyer, and I am not blowing hot air. In the adult industry, one must be armed with lawyers to protect themselves against the likes of you and deranged phone sex operators. In fact, by defending them and thinking that you’re exposing me for being a lobbyist, you have landed yourself in an already heated legal dispute, as I have been robbed by these half-witted crooks for nearly ten thousand dollars. How dare you put yourself in the fray of this, and accuse me of being a fraudulent lobbyist!

    In a few moments, I’d like for you to check your blog stats. You might be surprised to see where clicks/referrers to your blog are coming from. I will ONLY remove you from my websites when and if you remove me from your blog.

    DO NOT EVER call me a liar and propagandist. I am about to make you feel really dumb, and I hope you’re prepared for the humiliation.

    One last thing: I told you to leave me alone. This is now grounds for harassment, and if you do not heed my warning, you can and will be brought up on charges for not stopping after I told you to. Stop obsessing over me.

    I have made many sites rise to the top of the SE’s, thank you very much. If I want my blog to live for an eternity, I could very well make that happen, but I choose not to for the reasons I have already revealed to you.

    You absolutely make me sick for going to this extreme to make your will be done. My blog and experience is not open for debate, and you will not take me on in any way, shape or form, and win.

    You have violated my right to privacy, and you have infringed upon me. If you are as ignorant as you are making yourself out to be, force yourself to have a smart moment, and stop this now!

    You, by putting me on your self-absorbed blog with the intent of exposing me, have put me, once again, in danger from the phone sex sickos.

    My blog needs to die now, and that’s what my intent was. It has been seen by the people who needed to see it, you meddling, uninformed, trouble-making jerk-off!

  2. Dirk Gently Says:

    Your blog was listed as “public” which meant it appeared to the general public. Nowhere on it do you say you don’t want comments. Blogging is all about sharing comments with people.

    I’m sorry if you wanted this to be a hit and run for a few pairs of eyes, maybe setting it on “private” would have helped.

    This is a perfect example of the purpose of a blog, isn’t it? I never had that idea until last night. Since you wanted to raise issues, debating it would surely raise the profile yes?

  3. cheapphonesexx Says:

    This has gone far enough. If you really want to be “respectful”, stop harassing me.

    As far as blogging being open season for debate mongers, like you, your argument is shot out the window as soon as the rightful owner of said blog requests that you stop. The blog is open for public viewing, but I am the one who has the final say as to whether or not I will let you ignorantly drag me through the mud.

    Obviously, you offer nothing but disrespect, and you have left me with no choice but to bring this to the attention of people you cannot possibly debate the matter with.

    Thank you for keeping my e-mail addresses private, and yes, I did send you the same e-mail from two of my phone sex website domains to stifle your ignorant “lobbyist” accusations.

    You have harassed me for the last time. Go and fight a cause you are familiar with, or at least can prove the error of its ways.

    I am amazed every day by the element lurking behind the cloak of the internet. Apparently, it’s not just the phone sex industry, after all. You are a cyber bully, and you give the reputable wordpress a bad name.

    Run along and find a person to debate Star Wars with. You are clearly out of your league with me.

    You are the cause of me having to spend $200.00 today for a consultation with my lawyer. I want to know exactly what my rights are before I pursue legal actions.

    Thanks, I just love spending, spending, spending, to protect myself from internet scum!

    You got your way, though, didn’t you? Yes, here I am debating my personal experience with a guy who has badgered me into it.

  4. Dirk Gently Says:

    I state my opinion on what I see. I have worded this blog with the express intention of encouraging people to form their own views….which includes their views on me.

  5. cheapphonesexx Says:

    When you involve me, even though I asked you not to, you have violated my rights. Do you understand what I’m saying? This is not just about you and your need to debate; this is about me, too. I have asked you to stop violating me, and you continue to do it.

    Blogging is for whatever purpose a person so desires for it to be. You may have your own definition of what blogging is, but mine is for journaling, not for debate.

    You will not use me to drive traffic to your blog. I know, I know: Sex sells, right? Then write some erotica and leave me alone!

  6. Dirk Gently Says:

    You’re right, blogging is for whatever purpose a person desires it to be. I choose to make mine public, and welcome feedback and debate. Some do not agree with my views, which is their right.

    This blog is a combination of two things.

    First, to express a thought on the purpose of a blog, the nature of making it public or private….allowing comments or not etc. Yours was the second of the day who didn’t like me disagreeing with them and decided to delete me rather than debate me….I chose this as an example.

    Like I say, that is their right……I just think it’s a bit off to ask for feedback, then dismiss it when it does not agree with you.

    Second……this could easily have been avoided. Reading through the conversations here, what’s happened could easily be put down to a new WordPress user who hasn’t figured the settings to make it the way they intended.

    A simple “sorry, this was supposed to be private. I was not looking for feedback, I’ll change the settings” response would have ended it… problem.

    I don’t like threats, they don’t fit well with me. I don’t like insults either….criticize my work, fine….but insults?? Yes I know the “are you stupid??” remarks…..technically that was a question, not an insult…but I won’t hide behind semantics…..the interpretation is spot on….I was kinda pissed off at that time, for that I apologize.

    The escalation through pissing me off posting in unrelated blogs got a little under my skin……so I decided to do this blog. I actually thought I’d deleted your responses….until I checked my email and found them.

    I commented on another blog about advertisers pretending to be average Joe’s all extolling the virtues of a certain brand. Your blog hit some of the same bells for me…which made me think “lobby group”.

    When something is in the public domain, you can’t complain when people see it and comment on it. ALL of my blogs are public, which means people can do the same to me.

    By posting your responses….ALL of them except the email would have gone into the public domain anyway in unrelated blogs, if I wasn’t moderating them.

    The reason I chose to show the whole lot, is that I wanted to avoid the “you’re taking things out of context” or the “you’re selectively editing to help win your argument” accusations.

    The reason I left an interpretation until the end was as I explained…I want people to judge for themselves…..which includes whether or not I am being a cyber bully. The insults we threw at each other in this, are there for people to see.

  7. cheapphonesexx Says:

    So, in other words: You are a dictator and lord of wordpress and blogging policies? Who are you — the thought police? You are not in control of the way I do things. Understand?

    My house is visible to the general public, too, but that doesn’t mean that I want every Tom, Dick and Lunatic opening my door and walking into my home for the sole purpose of dictating to me how my household should be run. What others do in their homes is simply none of my business, nor is what goes on in mine open for others to debate.

    I would love to humbly allow myself to accept your apologies, but I don’t believe you mean them for any other reason but to appear fair and respectful to your readers. You are neither fair or respectful, and the fact that you need to air my private communications out here for all to see, does nothing but validate the fact that you are insecure and in desperate need of approval and validation of your “wit”. How sad.

    I am currently looking around the control panel to figure out how to make it private. You are correct that I really haven’t spent a lot of time on wordpress, so the functionality is new to me. I’m sure that once I figure out how to make it private, you’ll be the first to know.

    Thanks, by the way, for forcing me to do this. I was hoping that it could remain available for the people I was targeting. But, I guess you’re more interested in protecting the interest of people who support and encourage pedophilia and bestiality.

    What does your reaction to my blog tell me about you? Not much, I’ll tell you that much.

  8. Dirk Gently Says:

    I was offering you a way out, but you’re obviously not interested. This type of animosity don’t sit naturally with me. Of course you’re likely to think differently.

    In your dashboard ….manage…..edit….on the right panel, theres an option for “public” “private” or “draft”. That’s how to make it private. You can password certain blogs too, available for only users you choose. That’s all down the same side.

    A simple “I didn’t realize my blog was public, it wasn’t meant to be” to my first post would probably have gotten these instructions from me as a response…..saving both of us a lot of hassle.

    Feel free to explore the forums, to see how I treat people. Have a look at my posts on other peoples blogs, to see how I treat people.

    Incidentally, you may want to look up the definition of “public domain”. Or have your $200 lawyer explain it to you.

  9. cheapphonesexx Says:

    Oh, Lord Dick-tator, you’re so generous. I’m impressed that you treat others well. It also warms my heart that you felt the need to mention your treatment of others. Good for you, sweetie, I hope you feel better now.

    The truth is out and everyone knows that Dick is a nice guy. Golly Gee. Who exactly are you trying to convince of that again — yourself or everyone else?

    I will delete my blog, Dick, and install wordpress on my server and use it on one of my many domains. If you want to debate it, you are more than welcome to follow me, which I’m sure you’d be more than happy to do. Unfortunately, we might encounter a little problem when you discover that the debate will be private, since you seem to want the approval of an audience.

    Poor guy: You mention my lawyer as though he’s cheap. Clearly, another thing you are ignorant about. I believe I said “consultation”, didn’t I? Yes, I believe so.

    Tell me, Dick, what has your psychiatrist diagnosed you with, other than OCD? I’m really interested to know whether or not you are on the appropriate medication for your problem.

    LOL…you offered me an out? Oh great and powerful DICK, I bow to you in amazement. Your superiority makes me weak in the presence of your loving kindness. Please, dear Dick, find a nice submissive girl to control, have a good orgasm, and release your frustrations.

    Praise Dick for offering His Holy help and salvation. My charity work in Africa, as well as my want to rid the internet of child porn, criminals and sexual deviance, pales in comparison to HIS offer of an out of his harassment and accusations.

    Dick is a nice guy.

  10. Dirk Gently Says:

    Feel free, I was close to doing as you asked and stripping all references in this blog to you…..I was actually warming to it. Why bother?

    Yes, I am getting a lot of hits on this blog today. I am curious about the “referrers” you were talking about… far I see just the usual suspects….although that may change.

  11. cheapphonesexx Says:

    Hmmm, I spared you the humiliation of writing about you on my websites. Are you saying that you’d like for me to do that? If so, just say the word, and I’ll let all of my visitors know that you’re my best client.

    The difference between you and me, Dick, is that, although we’re both highly passive-aggressive, I would never out someone on my websites who did not grant me permission to do so. Call me crazy, but I tend to lean toward the side or morality.

    I think I proved my point when I sent you e-mail from my domains, so if you’d still like more proof that I’m not a lobbyist who has made all of this stuff up, then go ahead and give me your permission to humiliate you in the worst of ways on my websites. Think long and hard, tiny dick, because you will never be able to shake that stigma….LOL.

    Your choice.

  12. Dirk Gently Says:

    Domain names mean nothing… better check with your lawyer before starting a counter attack… may just undermine your credibility…..but you know best. That is if your planning legal action.

  13. cheapphonesexx Says:

    What part of my comment didn’t you understand? Unlike you, I asked for permission, which you obviously are not going to grant. So, because I like to consider the feelings of others, I’m not about to do that.

    Thank you for saying “counter-attack”. I’m glad you’ve acknowledged your part, and I promise not to correct your grammatical errors, writer 😉

    I have made screen shots of your attacks and my rebuttals. You should have left me alone when I asked you to. Don’t give me reason to have to retain my lawyer to deal with you, and all should be fine. For the record, all you have done by creating this blog to harass me, is discredit yourself. You will not receive an apology from me for defending myself, so just stand tall and proud, big man. I’m waving the white flag because I don’t need anymore internet scum infesting my life with poison.

    Thank you. If I would have happened upon your blog without coercion, I might have actually liked it. However, I can’t like content that is created by a mean-spirited moron.

  14. anaj Says:

    Oh, that’s a heated discussion going one. I definitely agree that, if you don’t want comments on you blog, you should switch off that opportunity on your blog dashboard.

    I admit that I haven’t read all of the above, yet I find the idea of “happening on a blog with coercion” (the comment above suggests that this happened) rather amusing. A blog is pull medium, after all (ah, those nice, long unheard web1.0 terms, push and pulll).

  15. Dirk Gently Says:

    No need for screenshots, give him this URL. Whatever I call it, you obviously think of this as an attack…..which you feel needs a counter action. I am happy to let others judge for themselves. Like I said, it’s public domain. In the “house” analogy, that’s like the sign outside your house……it’s visible to the public, they can comment on it…..they cannot tell you what to do in your house, I am not trying to do that.

    I merely gave my opinion on what I saw, I let others judge for themselves whether I am right or not…..or if it matters to them either way. Sometimes reading through both sides of an argument alone will help people decide if either:

    You are right, and this is an unjustified attack on you or
    My blog is justified as it’s comments about a blog in the public domain.

  16. cheapphonesexx Says:

    My blog has been made private. You may no longer comment on it or anything else related to it.

    Does this make you happy, power tripper?

  17. cheapphonesexx Says:

    You have chased me away from wordpress with your harassment. You are an incredibly mean-spirited person.

    You are guilty of encouraging pedophilia and other illegal sexual acts of deviance. I have reported you as SPAM.

  18. Dirk Gently Says:

    Your blog is now private, all that means is that nobody can read for themselves the original post. It was public until now….and subsequently made private later. I am neither happy nor sad. I am glad you figured out how to set your blog the way it should have been set from the start.

    I am curious as to how I’ve “outed” you. You wrote your blog, it was available to the public…..I didn’t do that. I only commented on YOUR work. Again I ask you to look up the definition of “public domain”.

    This was never “harassment” as you put it. I am commenting on my own blog, but not yours…as you’ve asked me not to. As I’ve said earlier….this particular blog was to fit dual purposes, and harassment wasn’t one of them. Sure I laid out sarcastically events as I saw them, I always expected you’d respond……I believe in giving people the right to respond.

    Have you noticed in all of these little response and counter responses… many insults have been thrown? Or how high the ratio is stacked? Read back and count them…….

  19. Dirk Gently Says:

    Here I thought “spam” was the posting of unwanted advertising……that must be another term missing from your dictionary….along with “public domain”

    Ahh, so I’m now guilty of encouraging pedophilia as well as being a spammer? What gave it away?……damn, that’s funny. Do you read what you write before you hit “post”?

  20. cheapphonesexx Says:

    You accused me of lying about the industry. By doing so, you supported every illegal activity that I was fighting against. That makes you in favor of protecting child porn and other illegal pornography.

    You are out of line to take e-mail sent to you privately and post them here. I specifically said that I did not want to debate my blog. That is a violation of my rights, and your comments and refusal to leave me alone when asked to do so would have infuriated anyone else in my shoes.

    You are devious. You posted my e-mail here, after my refusal to debate my blog with you, as a means to get me on your blog to debate the issue with you. You are scum. Maybe you should have taken a moment to read my blog in whole before you decided to jump all over me.

    You have been doing this incessantly all day, and that is harassment!

  21. Dirk Gently Says:

    I explained why I posted the email here….I did not want accused of editing what happened, or of taking things out of context. I did post your email address due to the suspicion that I might be flooded with emails from these mystery referrers I’ve not seen yet. Within a minute or two, I removed them… you have acknowledged.

    I’ve been responding to comments made on my blog all day…..yes…and your point is? I have not been harassing you, I’ve not attacked you, I’ve not emailed or PM’d you, nor attempted to comment on your blog.

    I did read your blog, and agree with some of it. I felt your telling was over-elaborate. It’s a common tactic in any debate to roll together many related issues into one story to maximize the impact. Your blog implied (to my reading) that the entire industry was like your “experiences”……this was what I took issue with.

    Politicians play it a similar way during elections, they seek and find the odd person who fits the angle they want to attack…and through that person imply that the issues affecting that one person apply to all.

    The Google clicking thing, that’s not exclusive to the sex phone line industry (I know you never implied it was)……that’s an exploit I saw as soon as I heard about the concept of how it worked.

    For me, you rolled together too many things, and implied rather a lot…..THIS is what I meant by “bad writing”. It had the feel of a lobby group laying it on rather thick.

    You are entitled to your beliefs as we all are..but to claim I “encourage” something without any reference points gives it a hollow ring. It seems that during this time you’ve increasingly fallen back on the “throw labels and hope nobody reads deeper” approach.

    I have explained in detail why I criticized your post. You refute my comments….as you’re entitled to do. As your post was public with a comments box at the time…..are we supposed to read your mind that you don’t want comments?

    There was one comment there saying (I’m paraphrasing here, as I don’t remember the wording) “nice read” when I posted my first comment. No doubt it’s gone now, but this suggests you WANT feedback.

  22. cheapphonesexx Says:

    Again, you really have no idea of what you’re talking about related to the industry. Honestly, you do not know, and you can’t know until you’ve been involved in it. You are barking up the wrong tree, and yes, NEARLY every person in the industry is involved in everything I mentioned. You can’t know that without experiencing it. You don’t know what goes on, and no amount of talking yourself into believing that your objective opinion is right, will make you right.

    Perhaps you should have read a little deeper than you did. There were no falsehoods stated. As a matter of fact, I am so repulsed by the things I have experienced in that industry, I can sincerely tell you that nothing, not even taking classes at the body farm to witness the human decomposition process, is as shocking as what can be found inside the phone sex industry.

    I cannot possibly tell you in enough ways that you are wrong, and being “tolerant and objective” in this case is just simply ignorant of the truth that has been presented.

    You have no idea, Dirk Gently, and this is why you infuriated me so much.

    After seeing an industry that encourages child molestation, incest, bestiality, and doesn’t call the police when there is a man on the phone hurting his little girl because they don’t want to lose the money, I know the phone sex industry is the axis of evil. Before I started my own service/sites, I worked for others who all had the same policy. All of these phone sex workers strive to be the best and offer the most perverted service to men. That is what they live for, and they have no remorse after helping a guy get off over thoughts of his baby girl’s little panties. All they care about is how much money they earned for the call.

    Dirk, you can’t know what goes on, and it needs to be stopped. It breaks my heart knowing that there is no way to stop the sickness!

    Call me what you will, but I will do everything I can to see to it that the industry is taken down.

  23. Dirk Gently Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from, I welcome the fight against the ills you describe…..but throwing labels about to those who don’t agree with you, or decide to dispute with you is not a way to help your cause.

    If anything it appears as a more desperate course of action because the debate has been lost, and distraction is the only tactic left.

    In all these responses and counter-responses you’ve called me all sorts of names….I have ignored ALL of them, until the “spam” and “pedophilia” ones a few comments back. I have not responded in kind….I have stuck to the facts.

    I have no reason to have this argument going, I never had….until the responses arrived in irrelevant blogs apparently from a journalist (who in my eyes should know better…which is the reason I laughed at your journalism claim btw).

    I accept you didn’t want this debated, and that I’ve brought it here to be debated. I accept that you didn’t get your settings right when you posted your blog. I accept those settings are now the way they should have been. The longer these responses and counter responses go back and forth, the higher up the stats it builds, which means more people see it. I only respond to comments in my own blog.

    If you want to leave it where it is and let the stats fall back, it’s up to you……the reason I offer a second olive branch is that this type of antagonism really isn’t me. Yes I am opinionated… you’ve seen. I am no shock blogger. I sense more of a softening in your last response….I am willing to soften too, and offer to end it here.

    The choice is of course yours. I am my own worst critic, and feel I’ve done nothing wrong. I am more than happy for this blog to be scrutinized for “spamming” or “harassment” by administrators, lawyers etc……I have no problem.

    I am simply giving you a second chance at an “out” since my last one was either missed or interpreted as something else.

    Surely getting a debate going would raise awareness of these issues which in turn would help your cause. People tend to shut off if they are being talked to…..instead of with.

    It reminds me too much of the oft quoted Bushism “you’re either with us or against us”

  24. cheapphonesexx Says:


    Please understand that I am so disgusted, I fly off the handle over everything lately because of what this industry consists of. When I perceived your original comment as a defense of the industry, it sent me spiraling into my angry mode.

    My inability to keep my mouth shut is precisely the reason why I am a trained journalist, but not currently working as a journalist. I’m passive-aggressive, and very hot-tempered, especially when I feel passionately about something that no one else seems to clue into. I’m the most intolerant vegan liberal I know.

    If this will help to sum it up: I am sickened and traumatized by what I’ve exposed myself to. I feel as though my soul needs to be cleansed from all the filth. Who would have thought that phone sex evolved from earning extra money, moaning and groaning a few times, into the sick underworld it has become? I certainly never would have known, which is why I thought it was no big deal going into it.

    Having acknowledged that, I admit that I am probably at a very angry stage in life right now, and I sincerely apologize for my verbal rampage on you. I probably unleashed all of my anger on you, a total stranger, for what others have done.

    Your olive branch is accepted, and I offer you one, as well.

    Still, I can’t say that I am overly impressed with this being a debate on your blog, which is what I wanted to avoid in the first place. I will, however, trust you to use your best judgment, and hopefully we can move on and engage in a healthy discussion/debate on the issues at hand.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  25. Dirk Gently Says:

    The returned olive branch and apology are accepted.

    I welcome debate, even when I do not agree……where would the discourse be if everyone thought the same huh?

    As I suggested, it could be an idea to let this blog drop. I understand you didn’t want it debated, I will not delete it though. I will not artificially drop it by removing the comments box…..but from my instincts, when two people are having a “conversation” like we were…they tend to stay out, because reading back and getting to the crux of where both sides are coming from needs more and more reading….and they don’t want to draw fire from either party for “taking sides.”

    The longer it goes without any new updates, the quicker it will drift back into irrelevance. People tend to look back no more than a few pages when looking at “new blogs”. It’s like search engines… want yours to be on page 1… 5 will hardly get you anywhere.

    As far as I’m concerned this argument / debate / discussion is resolved, and have no intention of keeping the momentum going.

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