Yet another US school shooting, why am I not surprised?

A school in Virginia has become the latest in a long list of school shootings today……how many have to happen before things change?

This is not news anymore, it’s just another chapter added to the “we demand the right to carry guns” mentality of the US pro-gun lobby. Other countries have the occasional shooting, but in the US it seems to be just part of everyday life.

I have friends in Virginia, who I hope are safe, I know it’s a big area, and no doubt this area is a distance away from them….but that’s a side issue. I am speechless as to why the US lawmakers are not hounded to deal with this problem. They extol the virtues of good US youth, especially in the military where the aforementioned “good US youth” are fighting to make them richer…….yet are seemingly unable to intervene in the education of those youths.

I ask this of the US people and their lawmakers….


My heart goes out to the victims and their families of this school shooting, in the feeble hope that it will be the catalyst for a new way of thinking, knowing the pro-gun lobby will fight back……and nothing will change.

Who wants to put a bet on where the next school shooting will be? Insensitive? Yes……but sadly inevitable.


8 Responses to “Yet another US school shooting, why am I not surprised?”

  1. Cat Says:

    Well, again it will all be blamed on video games…. Of course it’s not the fault of parenting or that guns are easily available.

    [Corrected as requested – Dirk Gently]

  2. Dirk Gently Says:

    There will be some who blame video games, this is predictable too….with the latest versions of the usual suspects trotted out as examples. Grand Theft Auto springs to mind here. They will also blame TV and movie violence.

    This is the usual “blame anyone else” culture. Let’s not mention the parents who didn’t take more of an interest in monitoring what their kids watch or play. Or the education of the kids to know right from wrong, or reality from fantasy.

    I used to be a gamer, in those games I have acted like a psychopath….I have no problems seeing the line between the controller and TV…..and reality. People who struggle to tell the difference will be vulnerable to any stimulation.

    I am a writer, for that I need an imagination….which means fiction. I need to put myself into the mindset of my characters….to “be” them. This lets me explore things that I would never do in real life. Again, this begins in my mind, and ends in words on a screen… never bleeds into reality.

    No doubt there will be a wave of politicians, religious and community leaders expressing their “outrage” and “shock” over this shooting. They may as well have a recorded message with an editable “location” part on a dictaphone to play back.

  3. Dirk Gently Says:

    It seems I am not alone in my views here. I’ve had a look through the “have your say” section on the BBC website….and it seems my “why are we surprised at yet another US school shooting” stance is shared by many.

    I have separate concerns with the BBC, and with the idea of a professional journalism service using unpaid amateur “reporters” doing what their paid professionals should be doing…..but that aside, very few are surprised at what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday.

  4. Dirk Gently Says:

    There is a comment about “if only some other student was armed, he’d have been stopped sooner”……yeah, that’s the way to keep the body count down, have SEVERAL people all shooting at each other, I’m sure that EVERY shot will hit home, and there won’t be a crossfire.

  5. l6ksa Says:

    I’m not surprise either. More people will die in the future as some freaks out there may try to break the record of 32 dead and turn it to 64 instead. Many people will ‘not get it’ as the attitude is I don’t get shot and die, others do. Pro-gun lobby people will fight for American gun culture. Why? It’s big money! And this group is insensitive unless their lovd ones get shot and died. I’m sorry to say this but that’s how I see it.

  6. Dirk Gently Says:

    The argument for keeping the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) seems to be partly based on tradition…..”we’ve always had it, so we always should”.

    200 years ago we had slaves…….we don’t do that now, and rightly so. Just because something has “always been done like that” does not mean it’s right….nor that it should continue.

    I understand the arguments on both sides of the gun debate, it’s a complicated issue. Simply banning firearms now won’t do much…..the cancer is too deep rooted for that.

    I’d love to see the situation where only law enforcement officers on duty have firearms. That’s of course an idealists viewpoint and completely unfeasible…….but we’re stuck in a groove right now. Things MUST change……or this WILL happen again.

  7. Dmitri Says:

    Fact of the matter is, our methods of identifying looneys is pretty bad. I knew one guy like this when I was studying at uni myself, but I really didn’t care enough to talk to counsillors about it… maybe I should have? Thing is, most of these ‘closet perverts’ are fairly harmless, so how do you know which is the dangerous one?

  8. Dirk Gently Says:

    That’s true enough, it’s easy to condemn someone before they do something just because we find them a little creepy. That type of society is very conformist, where any difference can result in an unwarranted intervention.

    In that type of environment, the focus would be on playing the part of the conformist instead of being the conformist, which leads to a deeper level of deceit to hide their intent, which in turn makes it harder to predict who, when or why.

    1984 by George Orwell is a great example of this, for years I’ve thought about it, but never read it. Recently I did, and it blew me away.

    In the UK, firearms are illegal without a permit. You have to jump through so many loops to get a permit. If I bought a gun, I’d have to buy it illegally, most likely in a pub car park from people I’d rather not spend time with. If I was stopped and randomly searched by the Police and they found the gun……to put it mildly, I’d be fucked….just for possessing it.

    I know it’s a different culture in the US, it’s much more ingrained, so banning firearms wouldn’t be a magic wand approach to this….but someone stopped by the traffic cops for a broken tail light who has a gun in the glove compartment, can be sent on their way with a ticket for the tail light to potentially kill someone with the gun.

    The same thing in the UK would see the journey end in handcuffs and a charge of possession…..which would certainly save any life that would have been taken that day. Of course, that would only affect that day, it wouldn’t stop an attempt on a different day……and that also involves seeing into the future of that car journey.

    This needs to be tackled from multiple angles, restricting guns needs to be part of it. I also understand the “criminals will keep their guns regardless of the law” angle….as well as the “I need a gun to protect my family against armed criminals” angle.

    I’d ask this…if someone breaks into your home when nobody is home…..and among the possessions stolen is your gun. Are you partially responsible for the damage done by that gun? If you didn’t own one, there wouldn’t be one in your home to steal.

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