So I got a new mouse today

Who’d have thought the humble mouse would be a blogging issue? I have four now, not because I am a collector……more that I simply want one which works. It also helps if it feels “right” under my hand.

The quest for lighter mice seems to be going too far, and some feel like toys that fell from cereal box into your bowl. I like to feel like it has some weight to it…’s reassuring. I guess it’s like steering in a car, if you can turn the car with the weight of a finger, does it give you the same feedback sensation? I’d like to think it could hold it’s ground against a mosquito fart.

I’ve used mice with no scroller wheel before, and now I’m used to it…I will NEVER use a non-scroller mouse if I can possibly avoid it. I call here and now for all mice without scroller wheels to be banned and burned in a huge collective bonfire.

My last mouse until about an hour ago would decide onit’s own that the pointer needed to start a quest in any of the compass directions…north, east, south or west. I have no idea if it was looking for something in particular or just going for a fresh spot to wait until I clicked on something. It is kinda funny to watch at times, but annoying when you end up clicking on something you didn’t want….all because your pointer chose that time to go wandering.

This one is (drum roll please…………..) optical. It has a little red light underneath instead of a ball. This is fine, I didn’t mind the ball on the older ones……..but this now moves the pointer like a rocket. I’ll need to get used to a new mouse and play with the settings in the control panel to perhaps slow it a touch.

A mouse is a mouse; or so people sometimes think. It is a major part of your PC interface. How many applications do you rely on the mouse for? I’ll put it another way…..unplug your mouse, boot up your PC and go about your normal work. See how many times you reach for your mouse to do simple things like click an option to justify, highlight a text box or save. When your mouse is not right, it has an impact on EVERYTHING you do with your PC, which is remarkable for such a small and seemingly limited piece of plastic.

So many companies make mice, the prices and designs vary tremendously. They all do the same job pretty much. Some have scroller wheels (the ones without should be banned IMMEDIATELY as I’ve stated before), some are optical which I think I could get used to now I have one. Some are wireless on various methods like Blutooth (which I don’t trust for much). My last mouse….the one which has decided to take on a new duty of being an explorer, was a cheap one…..very cheap. You can hear the lightweight springs. My new one was three times the price……and it stays put.

I doubt there is a brand loyalty issue here. I looked at the Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse set up a while back and saw it got a LOT of very good reviews. As much as I hate Microsoft, I give them credit where its due. I’ve held back on this purchase because I’m switching to Linux at some point (probably Ubuntu) and no doubt, knowing Microsoft….their hardware will be tied to a Microsoft operating system. They tie everything else down…so why not this?

Anyway, for those after a cheap, decent optical mouse WITH a scroller wheel; you could do worse that the Genius XScroll that I got. It’s only listed as Microsoft compatible but that’s normal I guess.


6 Responses to “So I got a new mouse today”

  1. lightcontrast Says:

    I like to use a mouse with a rubber scroller wheel, not a plastic wheel. My VAIO came with such a mouse. I don’t need one of those ergonomically designed mice. They seem a little bulky. I’ve seen some from logitech.

  2. Dirk Gently Says:

    Now that you mention it….my new one is a rubber scroller wheel too. I didn’t notice until you mentioned it.

  3. lightcontrast Says:

    They work quite well, don’t they? 🙂

  4. Dirk Gently Says:

    Actually in hindsight, I don’t think my scroller is rubber… finger must have been moist enough to have the grip before….now I want a rubber one.

  5. K Says:

    If you are using a Mac, the mighty mouse is an angel. Ok, I’m pimping.

  6. Dirk Gently Says:

    I like Macs, I found using a one button mouse awkward. My fingers are far too used to the “right click” options, and instincts when using software that when I get a Mac (one day) the first thing I’ll get along with it will be a PC style 3 button mouse (WITH scroller wheel).

    I’ve found many Mac owners to be like proud parents, who like to boast about their child’s achievements. I know Macs are stylish, but they’re also well designed, and work well….it’s not all style as some think.

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