What’s your favorite Simpsons episode?

I just watched the funniest Simpsons I’ve seen in a long time, which prompted me to ask…..what’s your favorite Simpsons episode? I hunted YouTube for clips of “Homie The Clown” and found two. Krusty get’s himself into debt with the mob and decides to franchise his name, creating a Clown College; into which Homer enrolls.

As I’ve stated elsewhere, on the whole I think the Simpsons have now had their run. There are some brilliant episodes, as well as some average with a few good gags. It maybe due to the TV networks doing repeats so much. I’m kinda tired of the Simpsons so it takes a lot to get me laughing like this……anyhoo…….enjoy.


One Response to “What’s your favorite Simpsons episode?”

  1. hydralisk Says:

    Oh that one was a classic!
    I agree Simpsons has jumped the shark but I still get a few laughs from it now and then. Where I live it is on twice a day and there are *so* many reruns that I can just turn it on whenever I feel like it and (probably) see an episode I’ve never seen before.

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