Give us the whole truth, and let US be the judge

In May this year, there are local elections in England, Assembly elections in Wales and Parliament elections in Scotland. Control of both Scotland and Wales is up for grabs and UK wide parties are trying to paint the nationalist cause as “folly” in both countries.

The cause of independence is strong when the people feel they have no control over their future, when they feel everything is decided for them by someone else.

As a Scot I know more of the Scottish campaign and have had leaflet drops by Labour, which was pushed back through the letterbox as soon as I spotted the “L” word…..if I want to read fiction it will be ME who picks the subject. Labour under Tony Blair have proven themselves to be competent writers of bullshit over the last 10 years, that even under a proven lie detector I wouldn’t believe a word they say. With the party being happily led by a war criminal following an insane monkey into an illegal war, the public will punish Labour because they won’t expunge Blair.

It’s an edgy time for the talking time bomb known to the outside world as Gordon Brown. As a Scot he is already facing an issue trying to become leader of the UK parliament with the nationalist cause in full swing. He may be in the position of becoming PM of the UK for a short while, as Scotland has fallen. The people have turned on Labour because of Tony Blair. He is determined not to be hurt by it, so it’s up to the people to show the Labour party what they think…….which means the forthcoming elections will be bad for Labour giving Gordon Brown a shaky ground to build on.

The Conservatives are well known as a south east LONDON party of middle to upper class land and business owners who exist in the political sphere to promote their own wealth and power. After Thatcher they will struggle to get a toe hold anywhere else in the UK…….even with Labour hell bent on self destruction.

The Liberal Democrats have a bit of a confusing theme going on. They are the closest to my viewpoint on several issues and (until a better alternative comes along) should be a natural draw for my vote. As an opposition they can be rather concise and stinging, as a potential government I’m not sure. I’d love to see them get their act together before they are replaced by a party who has all their pro’s with none of their con’s……leaving them nowhere to go.

I’ve had a visit from an SNP politician who maybe regretted knocking on my door because it seemed like he’d never thought of an angle I put to him. If you believe the other parties; the SNP only have one policy……independence for Scotland, regardless of the cost. Reality is somewhat more complex. It’s been at the heart of their party for as long as I can remember, but they do have a wider net and more multi-tasking thoughts than just “independence”. So why all the attacks now? Simple….until now they’ve had as much chance of gaining power as the Bush admin have of suddenly converting en mass to Islam.

I may consider voting SNP this time if they add this theme into their campaign. They keep bleating on about the pro’s of Scotland being independent, they never mention the con’s. Do they expect us to buy into the sales pitch without reading the small print? Do they think so little of us that they expect us to be sheep? Do they expect us to believe it’s ALL positive?

The UK and it’s constituent parts have been intertwined for so long, with so many elements covering each other that it’s not a simple task to split them up. Scotland will have to have it’s own defense, how are the Royal Navy set up for this? The UK currently has a veto on the UN security council, England or Scotland does not; will the UN decide to add another seat to the table if we have two reps, or stick with the Downing Street (England) rep? How many committees in the EU are the UK in? How many are privileged positions due to the UK economy size and contribution? Will Scotland qualify under the same rules to stay in those committees?

These are only a few offhand, there are no doubt millions of others…….so Alex, GIVE US THE WHOLE TRUTH and let US judge on ALL the facts, not just the sales pitch. Unless the SNP are willing to do that, I will NOT be voting for them, and I’d encourage anyone with any common sense not to either.

The SNP support usually drops back in the run up to an election; not this time. They claim they will give a referendum on independence to the Scottish people if they win. I don’t doubt that part….I doubt they will accept a “no” vote. The rise in support for the SNP is NOT matched by the rise in people wanting independence; that’s still around 33%. This suggests more of an anti-Labour than a pro-SNP vote. This was how Labour won in 1997 with a majority anti-Conservative vote. So, do I want independence or not? It’s not a simple yes or no.

We have a devolved Parliament in Scotland set up so that no party can gain overall control. It almost guarantees a power sharing administration; which encourages a “working together” attitude on day to day stuff……this is good. The decision to have a “devolved” Parliament was a piece of candy thrown to us Scots by Tony Blair to cut off the call for “independence”. We have control over some parts of our lives, but not others. It’s a kind of “independence” within the UK and under the yoke of Downing Street.

The Labour party assumed that since they were the party to “give” us more control that we’d be so gracious and make sure that we elect a Scottish Labour administration to govern us……time passes and the lies are exposed, the worm thought to be bought off is waking up to the real deal it got. In short; the worm is turning.

My heart would love independence, as a Scot I’d love to be part of a separate country. I have every respect for England and the rest of the UK, and would want close relationships with them to remain…..any call for nationalism which attacks or discriminates against other parts of the UK or it’s people I will have no part of.

My head would like to see the whole case made, both the pro’s and con’s before it is willing to join either camp. We would gain some benefits, mainly from the North Sea oil revenues, the Scotch whiskey (a worldwide recognized brand) exports etc. That is only part of the balance sheet…..we need to see the other part and look at the COMPLETE picture to see if we would be better off or not.

I am (in no particular order) a Scot, a Brit and a European. I am a human being first of all, and don’t like being fooled.


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