Adam and Eve

Incest is wrong. Many religious doctrines agree on this basic belief and have their own ways of demonstrating it and punishing it. Even scientists agree on this basic belief because it weakens the gene pool. We need a healthy blending of bloodlines to keep the human race strong and relatively disease free.

Therefor it’s a religious, moral and scientific necessity to breed with those who we do NOT share a blood link.

With this in mind I’d like someone to explain this inconsistency because I just can’t fathom how to join the dots. The Bible claims we are ALL descended from two people, Adam and Eve. That’s EVERYONE on the planet alive since then until now and beyond. Let’s lay this one out.

  1. Adam and Eve had to both have survived to breeding age with no help from anyone (since they are the ONLY humans in existence) with predators all around. Maybe newborns back then were better hunters of rabbits than ours are today; maybe we’ve lost that skill with modern mollycoddling. For the sake of the story, we need them to survive.

  2. Adam and Eve have to be in the same geographical area as each other at the same time. Don’t underestimate this, look at the size of the planet and it’s landmasses. Imagine saying to a friend “meet you in Brazil”. For that, BOTH of you know what “Brazil” is, how to get there, know when and how to make the plans fit as they get closer, not forgetting the fact that you must have met in the first place to make the arrangements. Adam and Eve didn’t have ANY of that and yet they got together (maybe they were natural travel agents).

  3. Adam and Eve (the only two humans in existence) have to notice that they are different from each other, and have to figure out why they are different; the purpose of a penis and vagina.

  4. They figure this out and decide to experiment (they have no-one to show them or explain to them….they are the only humans in existence remember; EVERYTHING is new to them) and Eve falls pregnant.

  5. They have no idea what pregnancy is or what it means, just that Adam suddenly has double shifts on the hunter / gatherer duty as Eve is increasingly bloated and immobile.

  6. Imagine the terror for both when she goes into labor (remember, these two are the only humans in existence at this point and have NO point of reference) but somehow Adam has the instincts of a natural midwife and knows what to do to ensure that both Eve and the baby survive.

  7. They are now puzzled at how this little human appeared, but somehow get the idea that if they don’t make more of these in their lifetime their species will die out (this assumes that they somehow know that they are the only versions of their species in existence…which in turn requires a traveling the planet on a massive scale doing surveys).

  8. At least they know how it works, that is if they can remember what happened NINE MONTHS BEFORE and put “cause” and “effect” together to create “baby”.

  9. So, now they figured this out, they spend the next portion of their life increasing the family with Adam having to work even more shifts bringing back more and more food, and Eve becoming a natural in the “don’t shove your sister into that fire!!” type of lines in building a new adult.

  10. The first born is now of breeding age of her own, Adam and Eve know the process by now. They know that their daughter needs to have babies of her own to continue the line. They look around for who will be the father (remember this is the ONLY family in existence).

  11. Will it be one of her brothers? Adam perhaps?

Incest is required either way to get this family past the second generation unless a new bloodline comes into it. If a new bloodline comes into it, then we are NOT all descended from Adam and Eve. With a new bloodline we have to assume they found their own path to reproductive enlightenment to get to where they are; which means that some of us may not be related to Adam and Eve but to this other bloodline.

If a new bloodline enters the story here, who is to say this is the ONLY other new bloodline alive at the time. If it is either one of her brothers or her father then the child will be genetically weakened with the morals not yet set in that it is “incest” and that it’s “wrong“.

With that pattern already established, when did we suddenly decide it was wrong? Why? It was responsible for us being here if the Adam and Eve story is true. All of this leaves out another unfathomable question…….where did Adam and Eve come from?

If they were the first humans; which they must have been if we’re all descended from them, who are their parents? They can’t be humans…..and if that’s the case we’re not humans. Did a genetic flip take place over one (well two if you count both Adam and Eve) birth? We have to be the result of some crossbreeding somewhere.

Maybe it’s science which is wrong here, it’s shown in many ways that inbreeding weakens the child and opens them to many diseases and illnesses, yet we’re all a result of inbreeding and after 1,000’s of generations of inbreeding the human race has managed to invent technology to do all sorts of things, to explore the planet around us in intricate ways and get inside the human mind to understand the thought process itself, so that can’t be true.

Either that or we have a VERY sophisticated and resourceful couple with NO EDUCATION or previous experience (this is a couple who have to figure EVERYTHING out on their own remember) who managed to fit in all that traveling and breeding after understanding on a much deeper level than many today what is needed. They seem to be naturals in some very important and diverse skill sets.

How long would it take to travel the world on foot, making sure to visit every place people could live? They have no maps to plan their route as that’d require someone from a different bloodline to have traveled and made the maps. They’d also need ship building skills capable of crossing the seas to check out foreign lands, as well as navigation skills to be able to get there…..with this in mind they must have known the world was not flat, yet that belief held sway for centuries. Why?

It’d need to be on every landmass, and all started AFTER the realization that they may be the only humans in existence…..all to prove a theory and do the responsible thing for the species. If this is the case, we ARE an intelligent lot aren’t we?


5 Responses to “Adam and Eve”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Hi, Dirk:
    Just so you know where I’m coming from, I’m a Christian of the “Liberal Protestant” persuasion.

    Some Christians deny the findings of modern science; others accept those findings and adapt their faith accordingly. Scholars have been aware for a long time that the book of Genesis raises serious problems, if read literally. Derek Kidner’s commentary on Genesis, for example, accepts that other humanoids existed at the time of Adam and Eve. And Kidner is an evangelical: i.e., he is committed to the inerrancy of scripture.

    The key, in my view, is to recognize “myth” as a legitimate literary category. In other words, the opening chapters of Genesis must be read as poetry rather than history. Poetry, and the arts in general, can convey truth without having to be interpreted literally. In fact, a literal reading distorts their message and introduces falsehood unnecessarily.

    Having said that, I doubt that in-breeding would have become a problem until a great many generations had continued the practice. If we suppose for a moment that Genesis must be taken literally, the moral issue arguably arose because of the potential for genetic defects. (I presume that moral rules exist because of the potential for real harm.) This situation would come about only after several generations, when distinct families had begun to emerge anyway.

    In sum: I reject the premises of your argument, but I don’t take the Genesis account literally anyway.

  2. Dirk Gently Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to add the “Satire” tag to this blog. It wasn’t meant to be taken as serious, more of a “point out some absurd beliefs that some hold”. I agree that most sane people do see the stories in religious texts as a guide rather than literal. There are some however who see it as VERY literal.

    I’ve now added and amended the tag situation.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not going to get into a debate here – and I apologize, I didn’t even read your whole post – but do you realise that you could make the same arguments for points 1-4 regarding the evolution route (how did a genetically different creature find another one to mate with, how did they first figure out how to mate, etc etc)

    The obvious Christian answer to the “how did they find each other” or “how did they know” is “God told/showed/made them” (find, see, go, know, do, etc).

    As for incest being wrong – biblically it was only later declared wrong. Once again, consider that the evolutionary model could just as easily require/have 2 unique “genetic parents” providing a single bloodline, and thus “incest” with/through later generations.

    I think the reason you “can’t fathom how to join the dots” is because your understanding differs from Christian interpretation… you’ve left out room “God”.

    For example: question 1 you’ve excluded that “God could’ve kept them alive, or protected them”, question 2 you’ve excluded the option of “God simply creating them in the same vicinity”, as for questions 3-9 what if “God told them”?

    I’m simply trying to point out why you might not be able to see it the same way Christians who take Genesis literally do.

    While we’re on the topic of incest (going to use a Young Earth Creationist quote here, please forgive me) do you realise that evolution theory says we came from a primordial soup – that makes as all related to the same gene/protein/mineral/whatever line, and the first two little living things to crawl out of it and mate. They’re our great great great relatives. So either way, might have to just come to terms with the fact that technically we’ve got incest in our bloodlines whichever belief path you take…

    P.S. This is not an “attack” or “defence” at either theory, and I probably wont be back to discuss/debate/argue further, so you needn’t reply, just wanted to throw in my few cents 🙂

  4. Dirk Gently Says:

    I understand it’s not an attack, that’s cool. My first response would be that it’s satire. I chose to explain that by drawing out each step that has to occur before that explanation can be taken literally.

    For me, religious texts do have some good morals to live by, as explained through the stories. If you read them as such, you can make judgments and interpretations on them……there are plenty of people who believe religious texts are literal, that the stories in them happened, without question. There are so many holes in the religious stories, that the people of faith would prefer nobody draw attention to.

    As I’ve explained in another blog, the whole idea of the answer to every question being “God told them” is laughable. It’s a cop out answer. We all want answers to life’s mysteries so asking questions is important. If the answer to everything is the same, and known to be the same……why ask any questions? What’s the point if you already know the answer is “God’s will”?

  5. hoop snake Says:

    God made man on the 6th his own imade, man and woman made He them…on the 7th day He rested……
    then God made the garden of eden (8th day?) and then he ‘formed Adam from dust’ and put him in the garden (some time later…) only then did He make Eve from a rib from Adam. This is not on the 6th day, this is much later.
    Not “made He them…” but first Adam, then Eve
    Different creation event! Original ‘hebrew’ people.

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