How to PM in WordPress with the Meebo sidebar widget

A question on the support forum prompted me to do this “how to“. Look on the left sidebar, notice the PM box named “PM Me“. That’s a Meebo widget. It allows you to have a PM (Private Message) conversation with your surfers without either you or your surfers giving away Yahoo, AIM, ICQ etc ID’s. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to Meebo’s home page and “sign up” for a free account. This is also the address you’ll use on a regular basis to talk to your surfers, so you may as well bookmark it now.

  2. Now you need to make your widget, so go to Meebo’s widget page and fill in the questionare. In my case my widget name is “PM Me” my display name is “Dirk Gently“. After following these steps, it will give you a piece of HTML code.

  3. Open a new browser tab / window and load up your blog, and go to the “Sidebar Widgets” in your Dashboard, and drag the Meebo widget onto the sidebar.

  4. It will ask for HTML code, paste the code you got from the Meebo Widget page into there, and save.

It’s as simple as that. Now to see how both you and your surfers use Meebo, have your blog open in one tab or window, and log into the Meebo home page (the one I suggested you bookmark earlier) in another so you can flick back and forth between them.

  1. On your blog page click on “edit name” to enter a name of your choice. The name can be changed at any time, by default if you don’t choose it’ll be a generated “guest328754” type.

  2. Type in a message and hit enter.

  3. Flick over to the Meebo tab / window and see a little PM window with the user name you chose and the message you typed appear. Respond and flick back to see the results.

Easy huh? There are pro’s and con’s to Meebo using this widget. First the pro’s.

  1. It’s free

  2. It allows people to communicate via PM without exchanging PM info

  3. It can (if you choose to) work with othet networks like Yahoo or AIM

  4. It allows people who have restrictions set by security policies like commercial firewalls to PM without needing any PM software or accounts.

Now the con’s

  1. It’s very basic

  2. It requires you to be logged in to the website via a browser, instead of a PM client. You can pop the window out of it’s housing to run it as a mini widget but again it’s VERY limited.

Overall, it’s a handy little widget, I’ll be even more impressed if it’s functions become available for Trillian to adapt. I prefer Trillian as a one-stop-shop for all the networks, all self contained with one buddy list, one set of resources etc. Did I mention Trillian Basic is also free?

I have a narrow list of people I PM with via Yahoo, I set it to “buddy list only” and always log on in “invisible” mode, so I’d rather keep my Yahoo ID separate.

[I turn my own Meebo widget on and off at certain times depending on my content requirements, so it may not be visible when you’re reading this.] 


One Response to “How to PM in WordPress with the Meebo sidebar widget”

  1. hydralisk Says:

    Hey, that’s pretty neat.

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