A politicians MO

Are you left confused by the actions of politicians, know there’s a pattern but can’t put your finger on what it is? This is an illusion of targeting by proxy. The trick to seeing it, is to understand that when politicians appear in media interviews whether it’s TV, radio or newspaper they never (apart from selected seasons) talk to the voter. Sounds strange don’t it? On the surface that’s the whole point of giving media interviews; to sell their side and policies to us; the voter.

There is however a prism effect going on here. Politicians talk to OTHER POLITICIANS through the media, while APPEARING to be talking to us.

The next time you see a politician interviewed ask yourself do any of these behaviors ring a bell?

  1. They never answer the questions they’re asked. They APPEAR to answer the question by the simple skill of “just keep talking, and when pushed for an answer tell them you ARE answering in your own way”. This uses up valuable interview time, and forces the interviewer to keep track of a short story to dissect it apart when you finally draw breath to wonder if you did answer or not.

  2. They use any question asked of them as a pause in their planned speech and charge on regardless to spin their story.

  3. They appear to be living in a different reality from everyone else and see no problem with brushing off awkward issues (the same “awkward issues” their common sense would be outraged with if it was their political opponent in the firing line and not them).

  4. They pick their words VERY carefully to remain inside the “party line” and claim that they (or their colleague) are being “perfectly clear” while knowing that they’re being evasive. They know every word is analyzed by the political journalists (well, if you don’t count the US based “journalists”) and know EXACTLY what effect their choice of words does, and means.

  5. What you hear is a perfectly agreeable answer which appears to say what you want to hear, and promising you what you think is right; only for history to show that when put to the test the politician in question hides behind the use of the word “a” and not “the” in a speech in avoiding honoring that “promise”. They carefully craft their “answers” to fill it with buzzwords and meaningless phrases which EVERYONE would agree with, while avoiding any detail or actual substance.

  6. During and after the interview you (the voter) are either bored or left confused and require a political pundit to explain what you just heard. Add to that you can’t remember who you just saw as he / she sounded exactly like all the others. Take comfort in the fact that YOU ARE THE MAJORITY.

These are intelligent people, as shown by the way they take a vast number of different threads in mind and weave them into answers, comments etc. Is it believable that they don’t see the obvious when it’s laid out in front of them? Or is it more likely that they KNOW what they’re being asked IS true, but reflects bad on them so they are forced into denial to keep their job.

They are talking to themselves through the media. They are all jockeying for personal position behind the scenes; a subtle support here, a mild criticism there, a well timed rebuke here and there. This week in the life of the Labour party and the premiership of Tony Blair is a perfect example. With the two big dogs both snarling at each other, sniffing each other and waiting to see who’s going to pounce first, while in the background the sheepdogs are all circling each other……ALL of them knowing they can’t be too close to Tony Blair as it will end their career in the Labour party if Gordon Brown is ellected, while they can’t be too loyal to Gordon Brown in the meantime as an assassin’s assistant is not an appealing attribute to take to the Parliamentary party or the public for election.

The ONLY exception to this rule is ELLECTION TIME where they change it around a little. Instead of APPEARING to talk to us and talking to each other; they talk AT US while APPEARING to talk WITH US. Why? Public service? You have got to be kidding. Power; both the gaining and keeping of are irresistible to the career criminals we legitimize by calling them MP’s. And they wonder why the voter turnout is dropping faster then their credibility.

The public KNOW that politicians are as trustworthy as a reformed junkie now setting up a used car lot, and sweating profusely while nervously glancing around him while assuring you this little motor is the “deal of a lifetime”. There is the odd exception, but would you vote on lottery odds for a government to run the country? The public KNOW they are ignored apart from the election. season. The public KNOW politicians put on a charade for the media with a wallpaper of “local people” who just happen to be hand picked from loyal supporters by party officials while the real “local people” are kept away as a backdrop for photo opportunities.

With ALL the intellect of barristers, lawyers, businesspeople who turn into our politicians, don’t they see this? C’mon, of course they see this; they simply blame the “other lot” for the disrepute while they see themselves as “totally clean and blameless”. It’s like the parent of a “kid from hell” continually claiming them to be an “misunderstood angel who was led astray” despite all evidence to the contrary.

Voter apathy is a contagious disease among the people. My predictions for the future are (short, medium and long term):

  1. Tony Blair will work harder than he’s worked since winning power trying to cling onto power and his legacy. This will see him kicked out by his own party before the summer. Replaced by the Trojan horse called Gordon Brown; more because it’s been seen as inevitable for so long that it’d seem like changing history after it’s been written if he wasn’t the successor.

  2. Labour seats will fall like a precariously stacked pack of cards in next May’s local election in England, Assembly election in Wales, and Parliament election in Scotland. There will be an element of damage control and a delay of the execution due to Tony Blair’s demise. Many of the swing seats will fall to their two opponents, while some of their safe seats will also fall. They will win a LOT less than they lose.

  3. The General election. is VERY hard to call. Right now, we don’t have a trustworthy party or leader to vote for, Gordon Brown entering the race won’t change that. Whoever wins will be the one whose sales pitch fools the most people. The turnout will continue the trend and be the latest ” lowest in history.”

  4. Maybe 20 to 25 years from now we will wake up to a BNP government with a whopping 11% of the public vote. Since the 3 major parties will have turned off so many voters that they will struggle to get double figures. If they then decide that having elections is pointless because no one bothers to vote; can we blame them? Welcome to a right wing dictatorship formerly called Great Britain. By this time I’ll hopefully have abandoned the sinking ship and be living in Australia.


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